About me

These “about me” pages are generally an embarrassment. If there were anything noteworthy about the person writing it then Google would do a better job of summarizing them. The fact that there is even an “about me” here means that I am not a particularly worthy individual.

If , as Savarin would have it, we are what we eat (“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es” ) then I am a Philly Cheese Steak and a Greek Salad, two Heinekens and a Dunhill cigarette.

If, alternatively, “clothes maketh the man” then I am an old Finlander hat, a pair of Ray Bans, a baggy t-shirt, all season shorts and no shoes (except when I go to work).

If you can really learn a lot about someone from their hobbies then mine should be enlightening, post-Versailles European politics, World War One & Two medals and computers (all of them). Well they are interesting to me.

If it’s my politics that define me then I am a right leaning Socialist. I believe that in healthy democracies the Government should always fear the people it governs. I believe in the Welfare State and in well funded government programs providing universal health care, subsidized tertiary education and a safety net for those who fall into poverty.

Should I be defined by the men I admire? In that case consider Sir Edmund Hilary, James Tiberius Kirk, my father, Sean Connery (except for the miserable years of “Thunderball” & “Zardoz”) and Charles Upham are seated in my pantheon. Why is my father third in the list? Well because he conquered neither Everest nor a busload of hot alien babes. Why is he in the list? Because if your father isn’t in the list of men you admire then you are a sad sack of sh*t or the son of one.

What about my character? Well I am a loyal if lazy friend. If you are a mate of mine and you shift houses then I may not visit you for 10 years but you’ll still be my mate. I am passionate about ideas and frustrated by those around me who don’t have one. I am bright and I only have time for bright people, all of my friends are creative and horribly smart. I love my wife more than I love my poodle but less than I like chocolate.

Oh Captain, my Captain!